‘A Huge Opportunity’: California Republicans Eye School Board Elections

In the midst of this year’s contested midterm elections, California Republicans are making moves to win seats on the non-partisan school boards that have recently become the subject of national attention. Across the US, school boards have gained public attention in the wake of pandemic-related school shutdowns, as well as divisive discussions surrounding race, gender, and sexuality. The state of California is facing an election season with 2,500 school board positions up for grabs and Republicans are hoping to expand their political footprint by capitalizing on school-related controversies. The party’s parent organization has set up workshops to help conservative parents run for office, though they do not provide financial support. The Parent Revolt program encourages parents to take a stand against the "radical left" and emphasizes the need for school boards to prioritize the interests of parents and students. Additionally, Conservative PAC Reform California has organized to train school board candidates to challenge "toxic and divisive curriculum" such as critical race theory in the state’s public schools. Though school board elections often fly under the radar and do not have polling, Republicans see an opportunity to gain power in this arena and need to involve parents as a facet of their efforts even though the rise of polarization could have negative impacts on social trust and public school investment.

Several candidates for the state school board election have garnered attention this year for their skepticism towards the outcome of the 2020 election, their opposition to the Covid vaccine, and their negative views towards teaching LGBTQ+ curriculum to students. In Sacramento, a Proud Boys member who has vowed to combat "cultural Marxism" is running for the school board—however, he has not been endorsed by the Republican party.


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