A Review Of Hip-hop In Seattle

Seattle does not have the same cosmopolitan reputation as other American megacities like New York City. Seattle is a surprising place for hip-hop and its culture. Although I was aware that there are many hip-hop artists in Washington State and Seattle, it never occurred to me how large the hip-hop scene is within the city.

It’s interesting to see that some of the mainstream hip-hop artists in Seattle today are referencing certain Seattle hip hop symbols. Seattle’s rap artist seem to share a similar influence with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Macklemore may be the most famous hip-hop musician in Seattle. Macklemore has been able to distance himself from his Seattle roots due to his national and worldwide fame. Seattle hip-hop artist are all guilty of this. Macklemore & Blue Scholars however have dedicated Rap Songs to their Home. Seattle hip-hop differs from hip-hop cultures in New York and Los Angeles. The hip-hop culture in these cities is unique. Los Angeles hip hop is known for its gangsta-rap. Seattle has a different style than New York City and Los Angeles. There is a sense of humor and levity, particularly in Sir Mix-A-Lot. Seattle rap musicians pay homage to the city in song. Native American culture in the Pacific Northwest is a common theme. Seattle is a city that they seem to love.

Sir Mix-A Lott was one of the first hip-hop artists in Seattle to achieve fame beyond local borders. He is also considered a hip-hop icon of Seattle. He rose to prominence as “someone who wasn’t rapping or shooting about being shot. Rollins explained that Seattle was giving a great gift to African Americans. They remembered that it’s good to enjoy yourself every so often. Seattle’s isolation made it possible. Seattle was a hub for hip-hop, as it was a more fun and less serious style of hip-hop. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis rap Thrift Shop has remained the top rap song in Seattle since Sir Mix-A-Lot’s baby got back. Since I have lived and worked in Seattle, I can attest to the fact that each block and street has its own culture. Seattle has its own hip-hop culture, which is evident in the streets and blocks that represent it.

Seattle is the center of hip hop culture in the United States. It may not be as big as Los Angeles and New York City but it has been a hotbed since 1980.


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