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There are few but good ways to do it.

Maps to suit all tastes

It’s beautiful to be colorful!

The Technique: A View

In its entirety

Overwatch exudes personality through every pore, but there is no in-game narrative. It’s not the case that the campaign or history sections are devoted to guiding us into the world of Overwatch and giving us details about it. In reality, this is not the case. Everything has meaning in Overwatch. This is because every piece of information that relates to characters or locations is shared from the outside using additional elements. The excellent artwork and descriptions accompanying it create a frame for everything that will be found in the large mosaic.

Characters tell their story in their deepest emotions. They approach players and take them into their world. This is all hidden in the game. It is a little thin. But once you explore the game, it’s easy to see the common themes and stay captivated. Winston, Hanzo and others are just a couple of the characters who, thanks to short films, have their own spaces in the games. Overwatch preferred to tell the story without the need for a dedicated component, as it would have been risky and could have distorted the game’s nature. For those who are not interested in the story of Overwatch, you can summarize that it was established after a period when the galaxy had been silent. The Overwatch Division was then summoned to collect and each member entered the game to take part in solving the current galactic disputes.

Few, but not bad ways. We now move on to the most exciting and varied part of Overwatch’s multiplayer-only mode: the structure of its gameplay. The game is a first-person shooting game with MOBA elements. The reason is that every character has a weapon to fire at the enemies. Additionally, there are two skills with countdowns for each one of these skills, which significantly expands the playability. The ULTRA Call adds another feature that allows you to inflict panic on the enemy ranks, once you have loaded the bar. The 90s fps arena is evident in the frenzy and structure of the maps, as well as the gameplay. The team game, which is the foundation of Overwatch, is more common in competitive gaming.

After a brief tutorial and some warm up matches against artificial Intelligence, we dived into the main experience: the game.

There will be four modes: transport, conquest, control, and the final one, which is a combination of all three. The primary objective of all modes is to control an area and capture control points. It doesn’t matter what mode you choose, but the goal of all these games is to win. Overwatch has four distinct types of characters. They are categorized by the same developers as attack, defense, tank, support.

The most important part of any game is adapting your team for the situation. A balanced approach may not be enough to break through enemy lines. You will have to use more tanks and other defensive equipment to protect the area.

Maps to suit all tastes This will impact the team and individual’s attitudes. More often than not, we will need to alter characters or look for alternate routes to access the map.

Blizzard’s map work is remarkable. Twelve maps have been created around each modality. The control mode’s symmetry alternates with those dedicated to conquest and transport. This allows for the elimination of bottlenecks that could hinder or even stop the attackers from progressing. You can explore the maps in different ways depending on your character. The more mobile maps, such as those of the WidowMaker snipers and Hanzo, allow for climbing in areas not accessible by tanks like Zarya.

It’s beautiful to be colorful! Overwatch is a game that transports you into a world of color and keeps you there. The game’s cartoon graphics are a great mirror for all players, from children to adults. Bright pastel colors are a magnet for many people. They fill the simple polygons that are so characteristic of the characters and settings. Their silhouettes have distinct colors that make them stand out, and this is reflected in their distinctive main outfit. Genji is a green-colored Genji, Junkrat is a yellow-colored Junkrat, Widowmaker has purple access and Torbjorn has red access. This is overcome by strong characterisation of the environments using elements from various countries. Ilio has white houses on top a cliff by a sea. Hollywood instead is represented by sets of studios. The positive aspect of the game’s overall evaluation is the fact that twelve maps were used for all the work.

The music will be used to introduce the country to which we travel in Overwatch. This is not all. The characters are portrayed in extreme detail. Even the audio was meticulously crafted.

The Technique: A Technical Look Netcode was a good example. It didn’t hesitate and was efficient from the very beginning. The developers gained valuable experience during beta, which allowed them to not fall on the easiest. Wait times for matchmaking were very short.

We can’t help but appreciate Blizzard’s efforts to make the game accessible to everyone immediately.

Overwatch was released after many betas. We now have an innovative FPS. It evolves the idea of shooting through a narrative and a gameplay that is influenced by MOBAs where team play is the dominant feature. It is enjoyable for all players, but there are many advanced gameplay mechanics that aren’t easily accessible. This makes it difficult to play some characters. It is hard to fault the artistic direction for Overwatch’s graphic design. Technically, textures and models could be more complex but the overall flow and pleasant rendering of Overwatch’s screen make this a very enjoyable experience. Blizzard seems like they have made it this time. However, only time will tell if Overwatch can be the new pillar.


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