Biography And Musical Legacy Of Benjamin Britten – A Great Music Composer

Edward Benjamin Britten began to compose music at the age of two. He composed masterpieces of opera and vocal music throughout the 20th-century. He was a British born artist who lived in England for over sixty years. Britten’s heart was damaged when he suffered from pneumonia as a child. His mother began singing and he became more interested in music. His father refused to support him and would not let the family have a radio. His first play was written at the age of six.

The play’s title was The Royal Family. He loved math and also school. Benjamin Britten is the youngest member of his four-member family. He was the youngest of four siblings, with one older brother and two younger sisters. He has been playing piano since the age of two. He started taking viola lessons at the age of ten from his mother’s musician friend. He met Frank Bridge when he turned fourteen. Britten would often visit London to take music lessons with Bridge. He received a music scholarship from the Royal College of Music, London after completing grammar school. He attended many concerts in London and was inspired by Mahler and Ireland as well as Shostakovich and Stravinsky. Peter Grimes is one of Britten’s most famous operas. Peter Grimes is a story about a Peter Grimes, whose community accuses him of murdering his apprentice. The story is about a fisherman named Peter Grimes who is accused by his community of killing his apprentice. Peter’s boat sinks and is thought to be the cause of his death. Britten wrote War Requiem. He was asked for a piece to be performed at the unveiling ceremony of Coventry Cathedral. After World War II’s Battle of Britain the original Coventry Cathedral was in ruins. His composition is an attempt to make anti-war statements. Britten was raised in England. However, he did not go to America until 1939. After he returned to England, he wrote a song called Rejoice In The Lamb.

This song was written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of St. Matthew’s Church Northampton. Britten is a talented musician and composer who was appointed to the UK’s Life peers. Some people think that Britten re-energized the opera in his composition years, despite the fact that he suffered from the same problems as we do today.


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