Comparison Of Anime And Western Cartoons

A good animation is something that many people enjoy. For example, Western Cartoons and Japanese Anime are both very popular. Both Western cartoons as well as Japanese Anime have their strengths and weaknesses. Both anime as well as cartoons share similarities in style, story, and audience.

A variety of artists hand draw Japanese Anime as well as Western Cartoons. Animation and computer animation are both done by animators. Although Japanese Anime and Cartoons are the same, they each have their own art style. Japanese Anime are usually characterized by large eyes and small mouths. Anime also appears very close to Western Cartoons. Western Cartoons have features that aren’t related to the rest. Both Japanese Animes as well as Western Cartoons are rich in stories and genres. Japanese Anime is known for its show “Romeo X Juliet”, whereas Western Cartoons are known for their many shows about Romeo & Juliet. While they share many similarities, each has their own style of telling their stories. Japanese anime has more imaginative and romantic stories than the American anime. The anime style is often changed to make it funny. They sometimes use “Chibis”, which are small and cute versions of animation and art. The anime focuses mainly on horror and shows details about certain situations. Western Cartoons are more romantic than cartoons. They use both real-world romance and fantasy romance when depicting romance. Cartoons are funny in that they provide plenty of humor on both the mental and physical sides to keep their audience entertained. Cartoons can also be scary, but they vary depending on what cartoon they are.

The commonality between Japanese Anime and Western Cartoons audiences lies in their accessibility for all ages. However, the content can be filtered to Adult, 13+, or everyone depending on which one they have. There are some differences in their audiences. Japanese Anime tends to be more mature due to its content. Western cartoons are more focused on educational purposes than anime and have less content that is considered adult than anime.

No matter which audience it may be, Japanese Animes or Western Cartoons remain the largest entertainment sources, other than movies. Both Japanese Anime or Western Cartoons provide entertaining animations. However, each style is unique. Each animation has its own story and events.


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