Exploring The Main Message In The Film Remember The Titans

Remember the Titans is an entertaining Drama/Sports movie that goes beyond football. This film portrays historical events in our country through an emotional and riveting movie experience. This movie has everything you need to make it a worthwhile sports movie. This movie is so relatable because of the teamwork, friendship, leadership and emotional experience. It is already assumed that the Titans would fail even before they set foot on a football field. The Titans are the first integrated team since segregation. Both the community and players are still trying to accept working together. We see how the characters overcome their racial divides, unite and become an example for society throughout the film. Throughout the movie, there are many examples of teamwork. However, one in particular was truly memorable. The team is made to run on the Gettysburg Battlefield by Coach Boone in a particular scene. He told them they were like the soldiers of long ago. Their biggest mistake is that they fight amongst each other. He warns the group to unite or they will all be destroyed. The scene that opens their minds and makes them realize the importance of unity is this scene. Any good sports movie must have teamwork. Teamwork is essential to sports success. The film is a great way to relate to athletes of today. Remember the Titans reminds people that, despite differences within society, they can work together to achieve success.

You know the importance of good friendships and relationships between you and your teammates if you’ve ever played sports. I played several years of tennis. We became close because we played and practiced together almost every day. We became very close and almost became a second-family. When things got tough, they were there to lean on and confide in. They also celebrated with us when we were triumphant. Coach Boone in Remember the Titans forces the two races to share a room and get to know each other better. In this film, Gerry Julius and the other players clashed the most. This affected their performance. The Titans were viewed differently by the society as a result. The Titans team was portrayed as one that could not play together and succeed. After they became friends, the team won many games. This shows how a sports team is not just a bunch of strangers. It’s all about building lasting relationships and improving your life. Titans had a huge impact on society, particularly in a time where blacks and whits were having a hard time coexisting.

The relationship between Coach Boone and the players is very evident. Boone was initially a very sceptical coach because it was so different from Yoast. Boone’s style of coaching was very different from Yoast, who was quiet and laid-back. This style of coaching helped players bond over their shared love of football. He pushed everybody very hard. He was fair to all and held everyone to the same high standards. He was firm and even harsh to his players at times because he believed life could be tough. Yoast dropped his doubts after he learned that Boone was the same with all players, black and white. Boone’s harsh coaching style was effective despite its harshness. He was not just focused on the sport, he also shaped the team to be men ready for the real life. It was not all madness. We may think that our leaders or coaches are trying to harm us. At first we don’t understand them, but they usually have our best interests at heart. It is possible that we don’t even realize the extent to which their influence has changed us. This relationship plays a major role in the success of this film. It was Boone’s coaching and taking a stand that made the difference. Without him, the team would have never been able to succeed and become the men they are today.

I have found that a great film can make you feel. Remember the Titans contains a particular scene that has an emotional impact. Gary is paralyzed after a car accident. Julius sobs as he approaches Gary’s mother. She tells Julius Gary will only want to speak to him and that his tears are not going to make Gary walk. The nurse tells him that only his family can enter the room. Gary asks Alice if she is blind. Don’t You See the Family Resemblance? Gary tells Julius, “I feared you Julius.” What was already a touching moment turns into something even more heartbreaking. This scene brings together the entire premise of the film. This movie shows that race is not the basis of family, and how sometimes fear can make us act in hate rather than face our fears. Realistic sports films are essential. The real-life story behind this film makes it so popular and influential. A movie that is based on real events will be more relatable and interesting. Realistic movies allow us to connect and relate to real life experiences. The struggles of black people in the past are presented to us. This film makes us think about ourselves and the way we treat others. There have been disputes over the accuracy of this storyline. Mary Blanton was a North Carolina attorney who attended the school in the integration years. She says the film does not depict racism and hardships in the same way that she experienced them. Blanton said the following:

The recently released Disney film, “Remember the Titans”, is a good watch, but it has little in common with the real story of 1971, or the first year at my high-school. The movie is a slapdash history lesson that tries to convey a positive message about racial tolerance and compassion. The movie depicts Alexandria as a Hollywood-stereotypical Southern town, circa 1950s. Alexandria, however, was not a suburban community in the early 1960s. It had grown into a cosmopolitan residential area for Washington and the surrounding areas. The message and story of this movie are still very interesting, even if it isn’t exactly accurate. This movie has been a major influence on many people all over the world. Many coaches even today make their athletes watch it together. It encourages us to come together and work with others despite differences. You can watch this movie over and over again.

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