Louis Armstrong During The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a culture of African Americans in the 1920s. It encompassed music, visual and theatrical arts. This artist wanted the whites to not see their ethnicity and shame them. This led to the Great Migration of African Americans that moved from the South to cities in North America. African Americans wanted a new life in public and political life.

Louis Armstrong was an African American musician. He was a singer, trumpet player, and entertainer. He began his career in youth playing in various bands. He became a household name and a major influence in the world of music by 1929. Armstrong was born August 4, 1901 in New Orleans. Armstrong’s father, William Armstrong, left him and his children. Mayann was a part-time prostitute in order to provide for her family. His grandmother raised him within the dangerous “The Battlefield” neighborhood. His childhood was not a very educational one. He was only able to complete 5th grade. He was forced to leave school before he could go to work. He worked as an immigrant for his family’s Jewish Jewish community and sang street songs for money. He became more interested in music as he grew older. He was a member of many bands and also moved around a lot. Buddy Petit and Kid Ory were three of his influences. Joe Oliver was another. In 1922, he moved to Chicago to be with Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band. Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra was his next career. He joined Oliver in 1924. He then moved to Los Angeles to play at The New Cotton Club.

His career was full of major achievements. He got involved in films in 1936. In the film ‘Pennies from Heaven”, he played the part of a leader of a band. He was then the first African American to appear in a major Hollywood film. He also became the first African American jazz musician to appear on the Life magazine cover. He was the first African American actor to appear in a Hollywood movie and to cover Life magazine. However, his most famous work is from the 1940s to 1950s. He recorded hits like Blueberry Hill’, That Lucky Old Sun’s, La Vie en Rose’, and?I Get Ideas’. His popularity grew and he went on sold-out world tours. He performed across Europe, Africa, Asia. He released ‘Louis Armstrong Plays With Handy’ in 1954. His 1967 single, ‘Wonderful World,’ reached number one in Austria as well as the UK. His single reached the top ten of charts in Norway, Belgium and Ireland. The Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences presented him with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

His life was filled with many challenges. Satchmo’s Syndrome was caused by his inability to control the force of the ball. He suffered severe scarring and cracked his lips. He was able to deal with the hardship by himself. He used a razor blade to remove the calluses, but he was unable to reach high notes.

Despite the hardships, he continued to play and make an impact on future generations. It was his trumpet playing that made the trumpet an essential part of jazz. His influence has made jazz a soloist form. He also had a profound influence on today’s generation. John Birks Gillespie was one of his influences. Gillespie explained to Gillespie that Armstrong’s music is his foundation. In 2002, New Orleans’ main international airport was renamed Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to commemorate Armstrong’s centennial.

Louis Armstrong, a jazz musician and songwriter who had a profound impact on the world of music, was an iconic figure. He achieved many achievements despite the difficulties he faced with school, family, and his lips. His music has had many hits. He has influenced jazz music and the perceptions of other musicians. He is one his most well-known artists.


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