The Elle Woods Leader As Depicted In Robert Luketic’s Movie Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is the main character in Legally Blonde. She is a college student who is undervalued and the president of Delta Nu. She wants to be more than the stereotypical “dumb blonde”. Woods was determined to prove to her college boyfriend that she wasn’t the “dumbblonde” he thought her to be. Elle decided to go into law instead of backing down. After many people mocked her for applying at Harvard Law School, Elle was finally accepted and was ready to make a name for herself. Elle Woods won a case that was impossible to win despite many hardships and struggles. Elle Woods’ leadership qualities were evident in Legally Blonde. She was confident, willing to take chances and gamble, and determined to never lose heart.

Great leaders are able to have confidence in their abilities and be determined. This skill is essential for any leader to be successful. Elle Woods was courageous and strong in her decision to go to Harvard Law School. She had no other options. It was bravery that required to speak with her academic advisor, who didn’t believe she would be accepted due to her personality, major, and looks. Elle Woods defied all of this and believed in her instincts, even though her parents told her she wasn’t serious and didn’t have the skills to succeed. Elle Woods said in the film that “I don’t fear a challenge” and continued to study for her LSAT exam. This helped her get into law school. Her willpower enabled her to earn a passing score and receive an acceptance letter to Harvard Law School. Elle was at Harvard when Woods applied her law knowledge to help her friend Paulette get her dog back from her ex-boyfriend. Paulette would not have given her dog back to her friend if Elle had not fought for her. Elle’s extraordinary self-confidence, intelligence, and leadership skills enabled her to help Paulette become more confident and competent in her own defense. Elle decided to follow her heart and attend Harvard Law School, despite being unsure if he would return her affection. Her confidence earned her a spot as an intern on the professor’s team while at Harvard. This confidence led her to take the risk and fight for Brooke Taylor Windham, Brooke’s client. Elle believed Brooke hadn’t murdered her husband. Elle was also the only person to believe this right from the beginning. Woods fought hard until she was able to make a stand for Brooke. She didn’t tell her boss nor any of her peers the story about Brooke. Elle knew Brooke had asked her to keep it quiet because she feared that it would ruin her public image. Elle also didn’t want her client to lose the trust they had. Elle took a risk and won Brooke’s case for alibi. Woods was also willing to take a risk in her fight for Brooke as the only lawyer. Brooke was innocent, and Woods had to be the sole lawyer in the case. She was believed by no one and her client was not guilty. Woods would have been able to take control of her intuition and appreciate the uniqueness and specialist she brings to the law firm if she didn’t. Elle Woods’ willingness to take risks paid off. She was invited to speak at the law school graduation, and she was immediately hired by one of the largest law firms in Boston.

Elle demonstrated that she was able to persevere through the entire film. Elle Woods was a person who refused to give up, no matter how difficult or strenuous the situation. Elle Woods kept her eyes on one goal: to surpass all expectations not only of her Harvard peers but also her ex-love, Emmett. Elle demonstrated that women with the same beauty as Elle can be academically competitive. Elle decided to prove her ex-boyfriend wrong by studying hard every morning before class so she could understand the lecture material. Elle was shocked by the professor’s call and answered every question correctly, surprising her ex-boyfriend. After solving a case which no one else could solve, Elle also proved him wrong. Elle Woods never allowed negative circumstances to stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a lawyer. Elle Woods proved this after landing a job at a top Boston law firm.

This movie teaches you to not judge a book’s cover. The movie showed other themes, such as to be yourself and be open to taking risks. Also, don’t let obstacles distract you from your goal. Woods’ parents also doubted Woods abilities as a strong, independent, smart woman. They didn’t believe she was capable of being accepted to Harvard. She had high hopes for the future and was optimistic. Woods also stated, “You have to always believe in yourself.” Elle Woods exemplified many of the great qualities that make a leader today.


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