The Information Report About Minecraft

Minecraft is like a lego adventure (Lucy Klein 2013). You are a character named Steve and you live in the middle nowhere on a randomly-generated world. Everything is made in cube shape. You can create anything from small huts to huge skyscrapers and roller coasters. People play survival, where they start over and gather the items needed to build, fight generated monsters, and survive.

Minecraft, also known as Notch, was released to the public for the first time on May 17th 2009 (Minecraft Wiki). Markus Persson is a Swedish video game programmer. The full version released in 2011 and included a number of updates. According to Markus Persson, this was inspired by the similar game (infiniminer). The game slowly evolved between 2009 and 2011. It was finally released in full on November 18, 2011 for IOS and Android devices. Many other things were added, like the ability for players to play in online multiplayer against others. Around this time, minecraft was at its height. Due to the updates, and the fact that gaming was becoming more popular, many people started playing minecraft.


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