The Issue Of Deforestation And ‘The Lorax’ By Dr. Seuss

As shown in Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax”, humans have been destroying the earth for years. We developed different technologies to improve our lives. Our planet is harmed by buildings, vehicles and many other things. Big industries’ desire for money and power will have a negative effect on our environment. The pollution that is created by humans, and the plants and trees that help clean up our earth are both caused by people. Yet big companies buy land to cut down trees. Deforestation may have an impact on the planet and our way of life.

At first, humans hunted to get food. Later on we began using agriculture. A lot of trees were cut down to make room for farming. After the farmers arrived, the soil became unsuitable for planting trees. World Bank reports that the forest cover in the world has decreased by 502,000 square mile (1.3 million square kilometer) between 1990-2016. People are now destroying animals to increase their business. It is to make people buy their product and feel good. The greenhouse effect can cause forests to become deserts, and lakes to evaporate. The weather will be affected, causing snow to fall in Mexico and melting of the arctic. This will affect many animals and force them to migrate. Animals like polar bears are not the same as they used be. The habitats of these animals are being destroyed due to greedy humans. Orangutans and Sumatran tigers, as well as many bird species, are threatened by deforestation. Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand were among the countries that experienced significant deforestation during 2016. The plants in these areas will become extinct as the conditions will change.

Carbon dioxide will contaminate the air and make it unfit for animals, plants and humans to breathe. GRID -Arendal states that many places in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Eastern Europe have lost a significant amount of their forest. The destruction has affected both the weather there and the residents. We will have to invent a breathing device because air is essential for all life. We will have no plants or animals to eat, even if it does work. The contamination would cause sickness in humans and ultimately the human race would be extinct.

Deforestation has a negative impact on us as well as every other living thing in the world. Many people believe that destroying forests is okay because it will make them money. However, in the end money will not be useful since humans and all other living organisms will have gone extinct. By cutting down trees, we change the climate and the water cycles. Animals and plants lose their habitats. We are killing ourselves and our planet because trees are the lungs. Deforestation causes a chain reaction that will make our planet dystopian.


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