The Race Problem In 12 Years A Slave, Malcolm X And Selma

Personal worlds help to develop a quick-moving story. For movie plots to be realistic, the writers will connect it to reality by any means possible. The writers also use characters that have real-life traits to give the movie a’realistic’ feel. Micheaux chose an interracial ensemble for the film Within Our Gates. He didn’t want a world with no whites in it. Instead, he wanted a natural, realistic world. Micheaux’s portrayal of black masculinity has made being an ‘American” a self-perception that Micheaux is attempting to represent. Black masculinity is characterized by drugs, gambling and conspiring with men of white race for selfish purposes, as well as criminality. The filmmaker has not idealised Blacks like other people and has called for them to examine themselves and their morals. The filmmakers in Malcolm X have demonstrated the diversity of America by including different locations like Boston, Omaha Massachusetts, Nebraska and Detroit. These places have been used to illustrate the diversity of the United States. In the past, blacks were underrepresented and their identity was lowered. This is also a way to portray American identity. DuVernay uses the same strategy in Selma to showcase the diversity of Americans by showcasing locations such as Birmingham Alabama or Edmund Pettus Bridge. In the film, there are also different protests that have been shown. This gives off the impression that Americans don’t stand for injustice. They fight back. McQueen uses the variety of the North, South and people of this nation in 12 Years A Slave. The filmmaker tried to create a realistic image of America’s societies and their reactions or how they function when it comes to drugs. The filmmaker believes that the American identity is based on the shared relationship between slavery, history and memory. He claims that Blacks evaluate their social role by comparing how they were treated before and now. In many platforms, racial discrimination still occurs. Black people have always been the victims of this. The film 12 Years a Slave has a similar point of view. Solomon, a Black man, is treated in a different way than other Americans. Despite the fact that he is an American, his history makes them somewhat fall behind. Solomon’s story shows how being white and well-off is more attractive than just being wealthy.

Assimilation has not been able to match the richness and diversity of black culture. These blacks are forced to adopt cultures that do not support their own, but instead lean more towards white cultures. Because they are following the example of the Whites, these Blacks are now alienated by the cultural and political representations. These Blacks must not pollute the Whites’ communities with their crude ways. Just as the Doughboy brothers, Cuba and Ricky from Boyz and the Hood lived in their communities, even when the thought that they were being surveilled. Black people did not have the same basic rights as whites, and unfortunately, this problem still persists.


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