The Significance Of Thomas’ Character In The Maze Runner

Thomas: the Game Changer

Can a single person change the world? In books, yes. The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a nonfiction novel about multiple boys trapped in a place referred to as ‘The Glade. In The Maze Runner, James Dashner’s non-fiction novel, there are multiple boys stuck in a place called ‘The Glade’. They have no memory of who they are and what they once were. All they can remember is their name. They have created their own government, electing a leader and assigning everyone a job so that everyone is treated equally. There are groups of sloppers & runners. They will go to the maze daily to look for a solution. Every day, they risk their lives by going into the maze. The maze walls open every morning and close at night. Evenings are filled with strange things happening behind the walls. Grievers are animals with a bloodlust. They look like slugs. They are on a mission to prevent anyone from escaping the maze. The people who sent these thugs to the Glade designed them. All that changes, however, when the Glade’s first visitor arrives with a mysterious note. Thomas, our main character, is brave, smart, and very curious. In the novel he plays a crucial role, because he can only get the boys out. Will his courage be enough to get them out or are they stuck forever?

The Maze Runner clearly shows Thomas’s bravery. He’s one of only a few boys with the courage to enter the maze. The maze is so terrifying that other boys won’t go near it. Thomas will not give up until his mission is accomplished. Thomas shows courage in many places throughout the book. Alby the Glade ruler gives Thomas a Griever to hold before he enters the maze. Thomas is not afraid at all. He is not afraid to fight, even though he could be killed in an instance. The Glade’s boys can be set free by being brave. Another time, two Gladers went to the maze but didn’t return. Thomas ran to save them as the doors closed. He was trapped in the maze for a whole night. No one has ever made it through a night of being in trance. His bravery inspired others and angered others. Thomas broke one of the rules, which was to never enter the labyrinth unless you were a runner. Thomas was punished for being the first person who survived a night of the maze. He said, “I did nothing wrong.” The only thing I remember is seeing two people try to squeeze through the walls and fail. It seemed stupid, selfish and cowardly to ignore this because of a stupid rule. You can put me in prison for saving someone’s live. Next time they’ll be laughing and pointing at me, I promise. Thomas did not regret any of the things he said or did because he was sure it was right. The true definition of bravery is the ability to put aside your own needs and well-being in order to serve others.

It’s not uncommon for someone to be injured or die in most books. Thomas has made many intelligent choices in The Maze Runner. These decisions could have saved someone’s live. Thomas has many ideas that other boys have never considered. There are pros and cons to some decisions, such as when Thomas stung his own skin with a Griever’s syringe. Then he realized that this was helping him to remember the things he’d done in his past. When you are stung it hurts but it helps you to remember. Thomas found out after he started the changing that he used to work for W.I.C.K.E.D. He was the one who sent all the boys to the Glade. In order to help them escape the maze, he uses some of his recollected memories. He could save the boys from the maze with his clever ideas. Thomas came up with another idea, using the maps that runners had been drawing so much to create passwords. Thomas puts some of them together to form words. All the boys were freed by those words. He used it on the door to get out of the maze. It is important to be clever, especially if you’re trapped with only one escape route.

Thomas’s curiosity is one of his many characteristics. Thomas will not stop searching for answers until he finds them. Thomas’s curious nature is shown in many ways. He will ask questions when he sees a maze for the first. Thomas’s questions are not answered because no one believes he is prepared. He was about to go into the maze when someone stopped him. He is determined not to give up until he knows what’s in there. Thomas is also able to determine, thanks to his curiosity, who has the right of entry into the maze. He is so curious and wants to see everything that is there. So he keeps asking if it is possible to become a runner. Thomas had always wanted a running career. Thomas’ curiosity about what lies beyond the walls of the maze led him to run into it to help others. Curiosity can be both a good and bad thing. It could make you more alert, or it could frustrate you. Curiosity can drive you to be more successful in your life.

Thomas is the type of person we need to be in our lives. It is not surprising that he has a problem-solving attitude. This could be a great quality to have in life. It is important to be smart, especially when you’re in a situation like Thomas. Thomas is a hero, he’s clever and he’s curious. These traits are perfect for a book called The Maze Runner. You have to overcome many obstacles and suspense in this book. They had no idea, as the Glade boys were struggling to survive until Thomas arrived that they’d one day meet a Thomas. In this book, he is credited with saving many lives. He is an incredible person with a lot of wonderful qualities.


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