The Storytelling About The ‘War On Drugs’

Ava DuVernay was the one who actually wrote the documentary “13th Documentary”. This documentary, which was described as “13th Documentary”, was truly amazing. It went in depth about the current American prison system. The 13th documentary seems like it highlights the racial disparities that exist between different races in America. The film begins by showing how America treated black Americans throughout their lives. After the passage of the 13th amendment bill, the civil war that had been raging for a long time ended in 1965. The 13th amended bill was meant to abolish slavery, in particular for those blacks who had suffered the most from the slave trade. The 13th amended also allowed all Africans who were previously enslaved to be freed and returned home to their country or obtained American citizenship.

Although the 13th amend seemed to liberate slaves, it had a loophole. The amendment bill was not able to provide slavery nor involuntary service except as a penalty for crimes. The 13th amendment gave the Whites the perfect opportunity to legal enslave African Americans, and rebuild the South’s economy after the Civil War. The truth was that the 13th amended didn’t stop black people being enslaved, but that it did provide a basis for mistreatment or enslavement. All of us expect that the police and other authorities will be able to enforce the bill or provide an example. Contrary, the 13th amendment loophole was largely exploited by police departments. Any person of any race, including black Americans, could be charged with the highest possible offense. Black people can be accused of walking, loitering, or intending to cause injury and could even be arrested. Blacks were arrested by police for minor offenses like loitering. This loophole is where the first American prison boom was achieved. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared that drugs were killing America’s economy and that blacks were to blame. It is clear that black Americans have a strong relationship with marijuana. It is evident that the war against drugs has only gotten more dangerous and lethal. Nixon used to call the black community a threat to his community. He hated black people and created a system that only targeted them without the motivation or inspiration of a criminal system. One possibility is that war against drugs was another way of referring to war against black people.

Let’s conclude by saying that America’s drug trade is mostly for the richest. Consider the poverty and structural inequalities in black communities living in urban areas, and you will see that the drug trade in America is not for them. But the wealthy and well-known in society continue to reap the benefits of the trade. We can see that the federal states may target the black community with the “war against drugs”.


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