A Role-playing Video Game Undertale

Undertale was developed and composed by Toby Fox, an American indie game developer. Undertale is an exception. Normally, this kind of game does not get much attention. The plot is very complex and interesting. The player controls a young child that has fallen through a magic barrier into the Underground. In order to reach the surface of the Earth, the player must fight various monsters.

This choice affects the story, dialogue and characters. Undertale offers three different endings, including true pacifists, neutrals and genocides. A neutral end occurs when one or more of the following conditions are met. The Neutral Road ends with a protagonist who escapes the Underground on their own. This ending is subject to a wide range of variations, depending on how you play the game. When all three conditions are met, the true pacifist outcome is achieved: A neutral route has been completed. The game was completed without killing any monsters. (The protagonist will not gain EXP. They cannot move beyond LV 1). Papyrus Undyne Alphys were all befriended.

The Genocide Route was not completed previously. After completing a Genocide run, a “Soulless Pacifist”, altered ending will occur. In the True Pacifist Route, the barrier is broken. This allows the protagonist to escape and for the monsters in Underground to also leave. The True Pacifist Ending Credits will be included in this route. This ending will only occur when all enemies have been eliminated from each area (Ruins/Snowdin Forest, Waterfall/CORE, Hotland/CORE). All bosses are included. Completing Genocide Route destroys the world. The first human will ask the protagonist, upon re-launching after completing the Genocide Route to surrender their SOUL in exchange of a recreated world.

This resets your game in a way that is similar to a real reset. However, it permanently changes any future Genocide endings or Pacifist ends (Soulless Genocide/Soulless Pacifist). The neutral endings that follow a Genocide playthrough are not affected. It is a fascinating fact that two characters inside the game know they are playing and will attempt to trick your mind into not completing Genocide. EXP is not the same as experience, but rather EXecution points.


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