Depiction Of Race Interactions In The Movie Do The Right Thing

People are not born to hate another race. Instead, they learn to accept it. Spike Lee’s “Do the right Thing” film is a honest portrayal of the interplay between racially diverse people. The movie is honest, Lee doesn’t paint a false picture of racism in America but rather portrays the truth about racial relations in America. Movies are set in an African American neighborhood. Although they live in harmony, there are still differences between the neighbors. Sal and Mookie have an argument about the wall art featuring Italian-American characters. They eventually come to terms and continue their cooperation. This movie successfully portrays how people of different races interact and how they view one another. “Do The Right Thing” shows how race interactions in a community can lead to racial violence.

Lee draws our attention to the distinct characteristics of the neighborhood and the individuals living there. Sal, for example is a resident of the black neighborhood and has a good relationship with African Americans. Sal is a serious businessman and owns his own pizzeria. He is open to people of color and doesn’t show any signs or prejudice. His wall is however decorated with photos of well-known Italian-Americans. Buggin’ out confronts Sal, accusing him of being racially motivated. Both Sal, Buggin’ Out and their actions are, I believe, justifiable. Sal may be more inclined towards Italian American celebrities of his own race than others. He doesn’t dislike or discriminate against black people. Buggin’ Out is, however, justified in defending his race and wanting Sal to be fully integrated into black culture. These actions are logical. But, Buggin’ out later actions reveal hatred and racism. Sal is an example of how people from a different race should leave their homes and become brothers and neighbors. The story isn’t all about love. Lee also introduces hate. This makes it more relatable by reflecting on the way a person behaves in a group. Sal’s hateful son portrays hate. Sal’s delivery man Mookie doesn’t get along with him. It’s not unusual for members of the community, who are racist, to speak out about their views. Even in modern society, this is a common trait. Buggin’ Out likewise expresses racial animus by matching Sal’s outfit and threatening the shop’s closure. Sal’s shop gets destroyed as a result of the violence. The movie’s setting is reminiscent of the 1900s.

‘Do The Right Thing’ accurately reflects the current state of black neighborhoods and the characters are able to play their roles. The film is beautifully shot and well acted to show how racial violence develops and why it happens. The sound volume is increased to enhance the dramatic effect during the violent scene in which racial violence escalates. To capture the true-to-life story, the camera moves and rolls. The film’s cinematography is perfect for capturing the dramatic color. The film is directed by Spike Lee, and it is difficult to predict what will happen next.


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