Grey Propaganda In “Khuda Ke Liye” Film

Khuda Ke Liye is an award-winning Pakistani blockbuster movie that shows social issues and reality based events. These are real but are shown in a different way in the media language Grey Propaganda.

The story Khuda Ke Liye tells about Pakistanis living overseas, and Islam’s concept among young people. Sarmad, (fawad khan), is a brother of Mansoor. They are both musically gifted and aspire to be musicians. Sarmad (fawad khan), who is taken in by a molvi, is taught to do wrong things and that Allah will punish him for them. He makes him feel afraid and teaches about jihad. That killing those who oppose Islam is a noble act. He also shows others the way so that they too can accept what our creator has taught. He shows his concept wrong, and converts himself to another thing that isn’t Islam. Maryam is the name of a cousin who lives with their fathers’ brother in London. Her father does not accept her boyfriend because he is Christian, even though she is living with him. His daughter is a different story. He wants her to marry an orthodox Pakistani Muslim. Sarmad helps him take Maryam someplace so that he can marry Maryam. Sarmad changed the molvi’s name to make him live in a new place. Maryam had to face many hardships. She became pregnant against her will, gave birth to her daughter and Sarmad then killed one man. He regretted his entire life. Maryam escaped from the place with the assistance of Sarmad’s father.

Mansoor was happily living with Janie and attending a music college in Chicago at the same time. Mansoor, who was in America, witnessed the 9/11 tragedy. FBI caught him, tortured him for years to make him talk about the incident.

Maryam fought for her rights before the court. A great pious Muslim was in the movie who told all that Islam is not about ruling over others or killing anyone who does not listen to you. It’s about caring and loving one another. It does not teach us to torture or kill others. After Sarmad’s speech, he understood that Islam is wrong and what i was doing was also wrong. He wants to start anew and asks Maryam for forgiveness. Maryam does not want to return to London. She wants to educate the girls at Sarmad’s place.

It was important to portray the reality of 9/11 in a different storyline to illustrate what happened. Another major issue is that parents do not allow their daughters to attend school. How Islam is perceived differently by people. You should teach your child everything and not rely on others.


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