The Life Of Courage As A Hero In Animation “Courage The Cowardly Dog”

Courage begins his journey in Nowhere, a town in which he resides. He lives in an isolated farmhouse far from town and his neighbors. Muriel, Eustace and Baggs were his adoptive parents. Courage’s normal world is Courage Farm in Nowhere. The characters are first seen in a sunny day, and the world outside is still balanced. A white masked figure walks along the barren terrain to Muriel’s henhouse where she is taking care of the chickens and Courage outside.

Kitty is the name of the guest. She continually beats Courage, and Muriel is oblivious. The conflict begins here. Kitty explains that her friend Bunny has been in trouble because she fell in love with a gangster. She wanted to save Bunny but was also in danger herself.

When she is asked why she wears a mask, she says that she can’t face reality. She then reveals secret truths of Muriel and Eustace. Eustace is proud, and will not admit to needing help or being unable to fix anything. Muriel is gluttonous and sneaks sweets while no one’s looking. This unbalanced environment creates a negative atmosphere in the house of Nowhere. Courage must take responsibility for restoring balance.

He is afraid for Muriel’s life. In his mind, he sees Muriel being strangled by Kitty and then eaten. This is how Courage gets motivated to begin his quest to solve the conflict. He steals from Bunny a cat-toy that belongs to Kitty. To keep Kitty and the Baggs safe, he locks Kitty’s room door. He leaves the house, gets into his car and drives to the town. He is at a cafe when he sees a rodent.

The rat takes on the role of mentor. Courage learns the Bunny-Kitty story from the rat. Mad Dog Bunny’s boyfriend and gangster, Mad Dog, represents jealousy. He was jealous and drove Kitty from town because he didn’t like Bunny or Kitty’s friendship. Courage gets a message from the rat telling him where Mad Dog is and Bunny. Courage leaves again. The train tracks act as a barrier. It takes him away from his normal world and into the Underworld.

Arriving at Mad Dog’s residence, he carries the cat talisman or toy. He sees Mad Dog’s crew as well as the innocent Bunny wearing white. Courage realizes Bunny’s danger and rushes in to rescue her. The lights are turned off when a Mad Dog henchman enters the room so that we don’t see our hero fight the villain. The dog falls unconscious on the floor.

Courage rushes towards Bunny to rescue him, while images of the bodies broken by his owners are constantly playing in his brain to give it the confidence it needs to be courageous. Mad Dog chases Bunny and Courage to start the final battle. Bunny relies solely on Courage for protection. Courage sees the monster in his mind, then makes an effort to stop Mad Dog. The fight occurs on the threshold. Courage enters Mad Dog’s vehicle to stop him running Bunny down. Courage jumps off the train and Mad Dog loses.

Everything is resolved. Kitty is on the train’s back. Bunny rushes to her and gives her the talisman. They leave Nowhere. Courage returns home after crossing the threshold. He arrives home to find it daylight. Muriel eats a piece of fruit to symbolize her progress after her struggle with gluttony. Eustace, too, grows when he uses the mask as a tool to fix his things. He also asks Muriel for help and a bobbypin. Courage, our hero, relaxes at the end of the scene.


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